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ADINA : The Nonlinear Structural/Heat Transfer/CFD and FSI Code

ADINDA mesh mesher
Tet Meshing

Free-Form Hex Mesher
With the Parasolid core engine, the pre-processor of ADINA, AUI, is powerful and stable for CAD import. ADINA also has the free-form hex mesher. With a well-defined body in Parasolid, you can easily perform free hex meshing in ADINA.

The figure on the left shows few examples of free hex meshing from AUI. ADINA also supports the combination/gluing of multiple components, and the search of adjacent faces can be automatic.

Efficient and High Quality Tetrahedra Meshing
With the advanced technology like Automatic Grading and Anisotropic Meshing, high quality tet meshing is just few clicks away.

Support Mesh Format  of Other Packages
ADINA supports export of meshes in other formats. As a result, the mesh created in ADINA can be used in other packages. like
  • Universal File (I-DEAS)
  • PATRAN (through NASTRAN import)
  • FEMAP (through NASTRAN import)
  • LS-PrePost (through NASTRAN import)
ADINA Tet Meshing ADINA Tet Meshing
snap through
large deformation
car crash

Extremely Stable Nonlinear Structural Analysis
One of the favorable stength for ADINA, is its extremely sable nonlinear structural analysis solver. With many of its unique techniques, like Low Speed Dynamics, Load Displacement Control, Stiffness Stablizer and others, ADINA can easily solve the flowing problems
  • Collapse and rupture
  • Extreme distortion and deformtion
  • Unstable and unrestrained structure
  • Spring-back and energy releasging
hydraulic mount FSI
beam FSI

Two-Way Direct Coupling FSI, Allowing Dissimilar Mesh Between Fluid and Solid Interface
ADINA allows dissimilar mesh between fluid and solid interface, yet still able to perform  Two-Way Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI). The user can set up and model fluid and structure domain separately, and then combine them into one FSI model.

ADINA can also perform re-meshing and mesh morphing during FSI, to avoid mesh distortion and divergence.

Structural/Heat Transfer/Heat Flow/CFD/Electric Multiphysics Direct Two-Way Coupling
The multiphysic coupling in ADINA are real and direct, not just data transfering. The mission of "One Program System for all Finite Element Analysis" from ADINA means that the users can reply on ADINA for all analysis tasks.

Powerful CFD
The CFD module in ADINA is powerful and stable. In addition to the common capabilities, ADINA-CFD also has the following capabilities
  • steady state, transient, laminar, turbulence)
  • porous media, Compressible, Multi-phase, phase change,Conjugate heat Transfer, Turbulence, Volume of Fraction, Sliding Mesh, Moving Boundary.......

The Most Preferred Package for Biomedical Simulation
Due to its powerful multiphysics and stable multiphycis capabilities, ADINA is commonly used in the biomedical simulation application. The following are few of the many examples
  • Artificial Lung (bottom left)
  • Aotric Valve (bottom middle)
  • Aortic Stenosis (bottom right)
artificial lung aotric valve
aotric stenosis

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