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Consultancy Services : Summary , ANSYS , LS-DYNA
R&D, Consultancy & CAE

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FEA-Opt Technology is an international RD/Consultancy/CAE and Software firm. We provide superior RD/consultancy services to our customer, customized solutions for each customer's special need.

Our superior technology capability let us out-pace our competitors easily. We are able to perform consultancy, industrial application and independent RD simultaneously, instead of just providing modeling or outsourcing services. We provide real RD and consultancy services.

Most of our customers are either referred by existing customers, or  returning customers. We have the reputation of solving problems other can not solve. Our customers include other CAE companies and international research institute.
fan blade-out hub-burst cell phone frop test

Multi-Physics and Multi-Disciplinary Virtual Lab Technology
Our CAE capabilities include

  • Multi-Physics, Multi-disciplinary and Coupled-Field CAE analysis and simulation :
    • Full scope structural reliability analysis : stress, vibration, deformation, buckling, lifing/fatigue, stability, fracture mechanics, creep, plasticity, nonlinear, contact, dynamics, crashworthiness/impact.
    • Structural/heat/CFD/electrical coupled-field analysis
    • CFD/Heat Transfer/Heat Flow/Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • The Virtual Lab Technology
    • Full Engine Module Fan blade-out and hub-burst simulation
    • Full car crash simulation
    • 3C product drop test
    • Weaponry ballistic and impact analysis
  • On-Site expert auditing
car crash
multiphysics (1) multiphysics (2) fan CFD (1) FSI

Design Optimization and System Integration - The SmartDO System

design optimization (1)

For years, we have successfully helped our customer to complete the following tasks
  • Life prolonging of semi-conductor component
  • Keratotomy Surgeries
  • Civil structure and resident roof optimization (sizing, shaping and topology)
  • Life prolonging and weight reduction for the components of gas turbine engines
  • Enhancement for the performance of the fluid power system
  • Weight reduction and strength increase of the nuclear heavy-duty lifting hook
  • Performance optimization of the shock absorbing mechanism
  • Weight reduction of the air cargo flood deck
  • Performance optimization of the thermoelectric generator
  • Weight reduction of the lower A-Arm of the armored tank
  • Performance curve optimization for the keyboard rubber dome.
The design optimization technology, The SmartDO System, is commonly used in the following application

  • Failure  Cause Analysis and Correction  
  • Components Optimal Design
  • Customized/Optimization System Development
Our design optimization technology, The SmartDO System, is unique in the following way, so that our customers around the world reply on our services to achieve productivity and competivity
  • World-Leading Numerical Design Optimization technology and software development capability
  • Decades of practical experience, with solid academic background
  • Experienced CAE consulting team
  • Experience of real-world product design and RD


For a better specialized, Customized and Optimized CAE solution, please contact us immediately today.

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