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FEA-Opt Technology is an international RD/Consultancy/CAE and Software firm.We provide superior RD/consultancy services to our customer, customized solutions for each customer's special need.
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Our CAE capabilities include
  • Full scope structural reliability analysis.
  • Structural/heat/CFD/electrical coupled-field analysis.
  • CFD/Heat Transfer/Heat Flow/Conjudate Heat Transfer.
  • The Virtual Lab Technology.
  • CAE-Based product design optimization services

SmartDO - A Smart Desgin Optimization System
SmartDO focuses on the practical Smart Global Optimization Technology. Either with the Gradient-Based NLP or the Genetic Algorithms, SmartDO has been applied on may different industrial application.The users can perform Concurrent Sizing, Shaping and Topology Optimization in a stable and efficient fashion with SmartDO.

The open-sourced customization services for SmartDO provides the customers a even more Specialized, Customized and Optimized CAE Solution.
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SmartDO Concurrent Sizing, Shaping and Topology Optimization

ADINA : Nonlinear Structural/CFD/FSI Multi-Physics Couping Software
ADINA is a Structural/ CFD/ Heat/ Electric/ Muldi-Physics coupling simulation software. Read more »
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(Nov. 5, 2014)
SmartDO 7.0 Released. Adding SmartLink for NX CAE, Integrated GUI and SmartPET for User Customization.

(Oct. 7, 2014)
2014 SmartDO Conference for Smart Computing and Design Optimization at Taiwan (Hsingchu City, Taiwan, October 7, 2014)

(Feb. 19, 2014)
Optimizing Aero and Structural Performance of Turbofans with SmartDO and ANSYS.

(Nov. 13, 2013)
SmartDO Solves Design Problems with 136 Design Variables and 132 Constraints.

(Sep. 24, 2013)
FEA-Opt Technology and Siemens Signed Software Partner Agreement for SmartDO and NX CAE.

(Jun. 26, 2013)
Giant Bicycles Uses SmartDO as The Solver and Integrationn Platform for Design Optimization.

(Feb. 26, 2013)
Using SmartDO and ANSYS Workbench/CFD for Design Optimization.

(Nov. 15, 2012)
New website for SmartDO : www.SmartDO.co

(Sep. 19, 2012)
Structural Optimization with SmartDO and its Direct Link to ANSYS Workbench.

(July 11, 2012)
Using SmartDO for the Structural Optimization of the Wave Energy Converter.

(June 3, 2012)
FEA-Opt (SmartDO) Signed Technology Partner Agreement with MSC Software.

(Mar 14, 2012)
FEA-Opt (SmartDO) Signed Software Partner Agreement with ANSYS.

(Mar 3, 2011)
SmartDO 3.1 released. Addig ControlPanel and SmartScripting.

(Dec 22, 2010)
FEA-Opt Technology will relocate to new address on Dec 22, 2010.

(Sep 1, 2010)
SmartDO coupled with ABAQUS for Optimizing the O-Ring Sealing of The Steel Charger

(May 26, 2010)
FEA-Opt Authorizes CnTech to Distribute SmartDO in certain areas of China

(Oct. 28, 2009)
SmartDO Concurrent Sizing, Shaping and Topology Optimization

(Sep. 23, 2009)
SmartDO 2.1 Released

(Sep. 16, 2009)
SmartDO Optimizes the Process Parameters of the Sheet Metal Hydroforming

(Jan. 7, 2009)
SmartDO 2.0 Released, with New Global Optimization Solver

(Nov. 6, 2008)
eNews : The Global Optimization Technology in SmartDO.