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FEA-Opt Technology Announces SmartDO

Hsin-Chu, (Taiwan), September 5, 2006

FEA-Opt Technology (www.FEA-Optimization.com), one of the world-leading CAE consultancy and design optimization specialist firm based in Taiwan, announces the release of SmartDO 1.1 today.

Developed and tested since 1994, SmartDO - The Smart Design Optimization System, is aimed at efficiency, stability and robustness. Originally utilized as an internal code for providing consultancy services from FEA-Opt Technology, the core engine of SmartDO has been tested under numerous industrial applications.

SmartDO specializes in CAE-based numerical optimization, where the meshing noise is always a problem. Such noise usually "traps" the design point in the local design space, and makes the design unable to evolve in a meaningful way. Many packages have used stochastic approaches, like the Genetic Algorithms, to overcome such problems. However, these approaches are usually slow and unstable.

With the proprietary technology called the Response Smoothing Technology, SmartDO is able to smooth out the noise caused by meshing and/or package integrations. Solutions obtained from other optimization packages can usually be further improved by SmartDO, with the much more efficient Nonlinear Programming Techniques (NLP). This makes SmartDO able to perform global optimization with NLP, which is very unique in this field. This is especially powerful for CAE-based shaping optimization.

SmartDO also comes with the Robust Genetic Algorithms (RGA), for users that prefer stochastic approach. The RGA in SmartDO has adaptive penalty function, automatic schema, automatic population and generation number calculation, and absolute descent convergence. This makes SmartDO much more stable and faster than other approaches.

The core engine of SmartDO has been successfully applied in different industrial design, including civil engineering, medical, aerospace and 3C products, in the field of structural, electrical, CAD and CFD. Before the release of 1.1, the beta release of SmartDO has been widely accepted by several research institutes and industries in Taiwan.

For more information, please visit our site at www.FEA-Optimization.com

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