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SmartDO : The Smart Design Optimization System
The Smart Design Optimization System - SmartDO, integrates your FEA/CAE/CAD/CFD/CAx design evaluation process, controls the design parameters by intelligent algorithms, and turn them into a design automation/optimizaiton system. Developed and tested by the real-world industrial design application since 1992, SmartDO is very different with other optimization packages on the market in the following ways
  • Smarter, faster and more accurate
  • Compact, yet stable and powerful
  • Specialized in FEA/CAE/CAD/CFD/CAx based numerical optimization, intensively tested for the real world application
  • Developed by power CAE analysts, who really understand the issues of CAE
  • Supported by team of experienced CAE experts, who really understand your CAE needs

DyRoBeS : Rotor Dynamics Analysis Software
FEA-Opt Technology is the exclusive distributor of  DyRoBeS (by Eigen Technologies). DyRoBeS is well-known and accepted around the world, by customers like FAA, NASA, US Air Force, US Navy, GE, (just to list a few). It is superior and unique, with the following features
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Finite Element Method based (not Transformation Matrix Method)
  • Capable of performing foreign rotor dynamics for object intrusion (referred to the paper published by NASA).
  • Dozends of bearing model built in. Thin-film and fluid pressure was solved directly by Reynold Equation, but not interpolation

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