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  • License Notice : All macros in this page are licensed under the GNU General Public License. This is intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change the macros in this page.

  • Convention of the macro : this is the "read me" file of the macros. It is recommended that you read this file before using the macros.

  • x_cecyc.txt (21DEC2001): This macro will apply cyclic symetric BC on both sides of a sector, even the mesh on both sides are dissimilar. Note that the outputs are CE written in a file.

  • x_nfor2f.txt (21DEC2001): This macro will transfer the element force on the selected node into cross-section force on each node, and write all the force on each node into the "F" command. Note that the macro go through each SELECTED node, sum up all SELECTED elements that are attached to the SELECTED node. Then the force on each nodes is added a negative sign and printed into the 'F' command.

  • x_bcslpoe.txt : This macro will apply slope BC value on the selected nodes according to the active coordinate value is specified BC.

  • x_noffst.txt: This macro will offset the coordinates of the selected nodes in CSYS.

  • x_plldst.txt : This macro will get/plot (response vs load level) graph on the creen

  • x_shl2sld.txt : This macro will sweep the currently selected or assigned SHELL elements into SOLID elements. The orientation of the final SOLID IS checked, and corrected if necessary.

  • x_th2st.txt : This macro transfers the temperature distribution from a thermal analysis into structural temperature load. Only pre-selected nodes are dumped. The output file name is x_th2st.tld.

  • x_esum.txt : Calculate and print the summary of (selected) elements area or volume, and centroid. The result can be saved in the assigned parameter name.

  • x_xsview.txt : This macro will set cross-section view normal to the working plane X-Y.

Macros from other resources
  • guireset : (From ANSYS) Sometimes, it is reported that the Picker does not respond at 7.1. This macro forces a reset of the picker such that it will work again. Also, it provides diagnostic information to send to ANSYS, Inc.

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