FEA-Opt Technology

Vision and Goals

Founded in 2005, FEA-Opt Technology Co. Ltd. is an international RD/Consultancy/CAE and software company. We believe the power of Smart Computing will eventually change human life in a revolutionary way. With long time CAE experience and SmartDO as our flagship product for Smart Design Optimization, we provide superior RD/consultancy/optimization services to our customer.


Our flagship product, SmartDO, is well-known for its push-button automatic design optimization technology, with 100+ successful stories. SmartDO has been applied in diversified fields, including semiconductor, material, composite structure, flow path, nozzle, automobile, civil engineering, weight reduction, thermal management, machine tool, system integration, motor, speakers.


FEA-Opt Technology focuses on CAE, engineering consulting and the development of Smart Design Optimization System : SmartDO. For years we have participated in major engineering and research project, including:
- Nuclear Power Plant structural optimization and safety evaluation
- Taipower Company Thermal Power Plant turbine blade design optimization
- Military Eight-wheel armored vehicle weight reduction
- Military Aircraft performance optimization
- FORMOSAT-8 Satellite Structure weight reduction
- High-speed rail steel structure safety evaluation
- Civil Sports Centers steel structure weight reduction
- Q Square Building, Far Enterprise Building, Farglory Financial Center Noise and Vibration control