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FEA-Opt Authorizes XecaTurbo to Distribute SmartDO in China
Mar. 22, 2018

FEA-Opt Technology Co. Ltd. announces it has signed an agreement with XecaTurbo, China, for the distributorship of its software SmartDO in the China Mainland area and Taiwan.

About SmartDO and FEA-Opt Technology Co. Ltd.

Founded on 2005, FEA-Opt Technology is an international software and RD/Consultancy/CAE service provider. We provide CAE consulting/outsourcing services for customers around the world.

Our flagship software product, SmartDO (A Smart Design Optimization System), focuses on the unique technology

  • 1. Fire-and-Forget Optimizer Technology.
  • 2. Tcl/Tk based programmable platform for eazy customization.
  • 3. Sophisticate mathematics and smart algorithms. Applicable to different disciplines and applications.
  • 4. Strongly CAE-based and industrial-oriented. Comes with our superior consulting and customization services.

For more information about SmartDO and FEA-Opt Technology, please seehttp://www.SmartDO.co


XecaTurbo was established in 2011. After seven years of entrepreneurial development, it has become a leading brand in the core technology research, development and innovation of high-performance turbomachinery in China. The company has brought together enthusiastic young people and senior experts in the industry. The core team has 30+ R&D members and 80+ outstanding manufacturing teams, including 6 Ph.D.s and 3 aviation industry specialists. The company's co-founder, Dr. Xuefeng Zhang, graduated from China Agricultural University (Benshi, Fluid Machinery) and the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Ph.D. in power engineering). He participated in a turbofan engine technology verification machine, target turbine turbojet engine key technology research, etc. Major research projects.

For more information XecaTurbo, please seehttp://www.xecaturbo.cn