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SmartDO 10.0 Released, Adding SmartLattice, SmartLearning and FastTopology
May 02, 2018

FEA-Opt Technology Co. Ltd. announced that SmartDO 10.0 will be released immediately, adding the following features.


The SmartLattice module uses the existing ANSYS Workbench to create a lattice structure with a single key, intuitive and easy to control. Lattice related parameters, such as lattice density and crystal column diameter, can be connected with SmartDO, optimized for weight and strength. The result of the lattice can be output in STL format and can be used directly for 3D printing. This module was awarded with the SBIR award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It is also patent-pending.
Users who wish to use SmartLattice must already have the license of SmartLink for ANSYS Workbench module, and it requires an additional license to run.

Figure 1. The SmartLattice Module


SmartLearning applies machine learning principles to reduce the amount of calculations as much as possible from already calculated data. Since SmartDO 10.0, SmartLearning is set as a default option for the differential gradient method (the RGA solver originally had a similar function). Test results show that the use of SmartLearning can generally reduce the calculation time by about 15% to 40%, and compared with no SmartLearning, still get the same results. SmartLearing is a new enhancement to the RCFDM solver that eliminates the need for additional licenses or modules.

Figure 2. SmartLearning


FastTopology applies a simple force path principle, using the ANSYS Workbench Mecnaical mesh and calculation results to quickly obtain the topology of the force path. The user can select the stress ratio or volume ratio to create the topology. As with other Topology optimization programs, the results cannot be used as a finalized design, but they provide a definitional reference for further optimization of the user's parameters.
FastTopology is an extension of the SmartLink for ANSYS Workbench module. There is no need to purchase additional licenses or modules.

Figure 3. FastTopology Module