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Stress Analysis and Structural Analysis
Specialized/Customized/Optimized CAE Solutions Provider    專業化/客制化/最佳化 CAE 服務



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ANSYS Consulting Services
FEA-Opt Technology is an international RD/Consultancy/CAE and Software firm. We provide superior RD/consultancy services to our customer, customized solutions for each customer's special need.

One important point in CAE consulting services is the expertise in specific software. FEA-Opt Technology is a well-know expert if the ANSYS system. We specilized in solver any difficult problem invovling ANSYS.

ANSYS multi-physicas

CAE Simluation
  • Full-scope structural reliability, including statics, dynamics, fracture mechanis, life, crashworthiness.
  • Nonlinea structural analysis
  • Multiphysics, FS, Crash,Drop Test, Impact
  • Sizing, Shaping and Topology Optimization)
  • Full Hex Mesh Generation
Full Hex Mesh

Process Automation and APDL Development
    Some Successful Examples

  • Automobile spot weld auto match and connection system
  • IC packaging automatic model/mesh generation and CAE analysis system
  • Carbon fiber composite golf shaft automatic layup calculation and automatic model/mesh generation system
  • Carbon fiber composite bicycle frameautomatic layup calculation and automatic model/mesh generation system
  • Data transfering and intergration
    • ANSYS to LS-DYNA FE model translator
    • General CFD code pressure result into ANSYS mechanical load
    • General heat flow/heat transfer code temperature distribution into ANSYS mechanical load

Our superior technology capability let us out-pace our competitors easily. We are able to perform consultancy, industrial application and independent RD simultaneously, instead of just providing modeling or outsourcing services. We provide real RD and consultancy services.

Most of our customers are either referred by existing customers, or  returning customers. We have the reputation of solving problems other can not solve. Our customers include other CAE companies and international research institute.

Our Core Bussiness Vaules Are
  • Multi-Physics Virtual Lab Technology
  • CAE-Base Smart Global Optimization Technology - SmartDO
  • Specific Field Domain Knowledge
  • CAE Process and System Integration
  • CAE Software distrubition and support
consultancy summary

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