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About Us

Founded in 2005, FEA-Opt Technology Co. Ltd. is an international RD/Consultancy/CAE and Software company. We believe the power of Smart Computing will eventually change human life in a revolutionary way. With long time CAE experience and SmartDO as our flagship product for Smart Design Optimization, we provide superior RD/consultancy/optimization services to our customer.

Traffic and Environment

FEA-Opt Technology located at the Zhunan Town, which is about 15 minutes driving from the Hsinchu Science Park. Zhunan Town can be reached by West Coast Highway, National Highway 3 and railroad.

Zhuan and Toufen are considered the satellite cities of Hsinchu, with shopping mall, movie theater, supermarket, sport park, gymnasium and concert hall in its region.

Attraction and Recreation

Zhunan Town is a nice place to live in, with sea and mountain around. There are many attraction points available here.

Management and Welfare

  • Labor and health insurance
  • Vacation and annual leave
  • Flexible working hours
  • Bonus
  • Employee training
  • Nice people and working environment