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FEA-Opt Technology Co Ltd. is an international RD/Consulting/CAE software company. We provide superior RD/consultancy services to our customer, with customized solutions for each customer's special need. For years, we have participated in many high profile engineering and research projects.

FEA-Opt Technology Co. Ltd. is an international RD/Consultancy/CAE and software company. We provide superior RD/consultancy/CAR services to our customer, with specialized solutions for each of them. For years we have participated in major engineering and research project, including:

  • Nuclear Power Plant structural optimization and safety evaluation
  • Taipower Company Thermal Power Plant turbine blade design optimization
  • Military Eight-wheel armored vehicle weight reduction
  • Military Aircraft performance optimization
  • FORMOSAT-8 Satellite Structure weight reduction
  • High-speed rail steel structure safety evaluation
  • Civil Sports Centers steel structure weight reduction
  • Q Square Building, Far Enterprise Building, Farglory Financial Center Noise and Vibration control


  • Anything that breaks, we can analyze it

    FEA-Opt Technology is the expert in structural analysis. We are able to perform full scope structural reliability analysis, including stress, vibration, deformation, buckling, lifing/fatigue, stability, fracture mechanics, creep, plasticity, nonlinear, contact, dynamics, crashworthiness/impact. Combining with our long time field experience, we are frequently called upon to solve the most difficult problems for the customers.

  • Multi-disciplinary Product Analysis and Design

    We do CAE that will impact and improve your product design. For years we have been using CAE to help our customers design the following product:

    • Heavy duty structure weight reduction.
    • Electrical components life prediction and prolonging.
    • Analysis and enhancement for the performance of the fluid power system.
    • Reacting curve simulation and optimization for the keyboard rubber dome and connectors.
    • Performance optimization of the jet nozzle.
    • Performance/CFD and structural optimization of fan, water pump and turbines.
  • Specialized Software Tools

    FEA-Opt Technology specialized in the following software tools :

    • SmartDO
    • ANSYS
    • LS-DYNA
    • NX
    • Tcl/Tk


Our CAE analysis portfolio includes:

  • Multi-Physics, Multi-disciplinary and Coupled-Field CAE analysis and simulation :
    • Full scope structural reliability analysis : stress, vibration, deformation, buckling, lifing/fatigue, stability, fracture mechanics, creep, plasticity, nonlinear, contact, dynamics, crashworthiness/impact.
    • Structural/heat/CFD/electrical coupled-field analysis
    • CFD/Heat Transfer/Heat Flow/Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • The Virtual Lab Technology
    • Full Engine Module Fan blade-out and hub-burst simulation
    • Full car crash simulation
    • 3C product drop test
    • Weaponry ballistic and impact analysis
  • On-Site expert auditing

Design Optimization

  • We provide design optimization services based on the SmartDO software, including the following fields:

    • Structure
    • CFD
    • Heat Flow
    • Heat Transfer
    • Structural/Thermal/Electronic Coupled.
    • Crashworthiness
    • Structural/Thermal/Electronic Coupled
    • Acoustic
    • Automatic Control
  • SmartDO has been applied on the following fields:

    • Fan and turbine blades
    • Connector, mechanical and EMI
    • Semi Conductor : packaging, material fitting/optimization
    • Laminate Composite
    • Nozzles & Ejectors
    • Car Wheel Rim
    • Topology
    • Steel Construction
    • Light Weight Structure
    • Heating & Cooling
    • Machine Tools
    • System Integration
    • Motor
  • For more information, please visit www.SmartDO.co

Domain Knowledge

SmartDO specialized in the following industrie:

  • Turbomachinery & blades
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Power Plant Engineering & Safety
  • Boiling and Pressure Vessel
  • Digital Production Line Integration