FEA-Opt Technology



Main Products

FEA-Opt Technology specialized in CAE and Digital Production Line Technology. Our products include
-SmartDO : A Smart Design Optimization System, developed by FEA-Opt Technology.
-DyRoBeS : Rotor Dynamics System, distributed by FEA-Opt Technology in Taiwan area.


  • Our flagship product, SmartDO (A Smart Design Optimization System), stands out from the competitors in many ways

    • Fire-and-Forget Optimizer Technology. No need for sensitivity study.
    • 100+ successful stories across various disciplines. Industry-proven technology.
    • Tcl/Tk based programmable platform. Innovative SmartPET and PET utilities allows the users to embed Tcl/Tk scripts into any text file by means of preprocessing the text file.
    • Sophisticate mathematics and smart algorithms. Applicable to different disciplines and applications
  • For more information, please visit www.SmartDO.co


FEA-Opt Technology is the exclusive distributor of DyRoBeS (by Eigen Technologies). DyRoBeS is well-known and accepted around the world, by customers like FAA, NASA, US Air Force, US Navy, GE, (just to list a few). It is superior and unique, with the following features

  • Easy to use and learn
  • Finite Element Method based (not Transformation Matrix Method)
  • Capable of performing foreign rotor dynamics for object intrusion (referred to the paper published by NASA).
  • Dozends of bearing model built in. Thin-film and fluid pressure was solved directly by Reynold Equation, but not interpolation